Dr. Elizabeth Kagan Arleo

Achieving some of the highest echelons of academic medicine while parenting three young girls, Dr. Arleo has truly found the fulcrum of the work life balancing act.  Yet, always striving to extend the ladder to as many as possible, she has worked from her early training years to burst the doors of academia wide open for the female physician on several levels: from shattering the ceiling as the first ever female editor-in-chief of a major radiology journal, establishing one of the first ever women in radiology mentorship programs at Weill Cornell as a just a young fellow, serving as the president of the AAWR, to personally mentoring numerous now leaders in the field of medicine. She does it all, while always questioning-“but what do we really want to model for our kids?”” – DR. KATERINA DODELZON, 1/22/2021

“Dr. Elizabeth Arleo is a national leader in radiology whose work to make the profession more welcoming to women has been critical. Her personal mentorship has profoundly influenced my own academic journey and her tactical approach to addressing the challenges of work life integration is highly effective. – Geraldine McGinty, M.D, MBA, FACR 11/22/2021

“Dear Dr. Arleo, It was…an incredible inspiration hearing your approach to life organization and productivity. I downloaded the app you suggested, todoist, and already find it so helpful. I love that the interface is designed to help you focus on today’s tasks and that you are able to break down larger tasks into incremental successes. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with us how you organize your life in a way that allows you to accomplish all that you desire. It was an absolute inspiration!” – AG, senior medical student, Florida State University School of Medicine, age ~25, email 12/6/2019

“Hi Dr. Arleo, I really enjoyed your webinar tonight on getting things done! Time management is so important as well as so many of the topics you spoke about! You are so right that perfection is the enemy of good! I often say this to my husband and kids! Thank you for an inspiring webinar!” – Dr. M, radiologist specializing in women’s imaging at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY, age ~54, email 10/15/2020

ABC News

Dr. Arleo discussing her study on mammography timing with ABC7 for their annual Breast Cancer Special titled “Encouraging New Options.” The special aired on a Saturday night and was watched by approximately 162,000 viewers. It re-ran on Sunday morning as well.

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January 18, 2023 


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